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Sullen Guest — «Chapter III» LP (release date: 2021-02-25)

          Sullen Guest — Death/Doom band from Lithuania to release their 3rd album this winter  

Tempest Rising — Downfall [Official Music Video]

          Tempest Rising’s single «DOWNFALL» is the first of 4 singles that will be dropping in the next few months.

Kriegsgott «H8 4ALL E.P.» (Black Metal)

         Odium Records presents the self-titled song from the upcoming 7” E.P. of Kriegsgott entitled “ H8 4All ”. Kriegsgott is a solo project of Shadow from Black Altar, founded in 1999. “ H8 4All ” was recorded in 2013.

Curse of Eibon (EP, Book of Eibon), 18-th of December

         Curse of Eibon are excited to declare the release of the new EP, Book of Eibon, which will be available worldwide on all digital platforms on the 18-th of December!

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