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Mizantropia — Стіни (New lyric video)

«Стіни»(«Walls») is a new Ukrainian-language single by Mizantropia.

Curse of Eibon — «Dagon» (NEW digital single release)

          Death metal band Curse of Eibon has released digital single the «Dagon».

Brotthogg announce the new album The Die is Cast

          Without further ado, Norwegian Black/Death Metaller Brotthogg announce the new album The Die is Cast. The album is the follow-up to last year album Echoes of the Past.  The Die is Cast will be released on August 1st.

Casket Grinder — Fall into Dementia

          Conceived in 2010, CASKET GRINDER is a Death Metal band based in Medellín, Colombia. With the sole intention to create a distinctive and super aggressive old school sound, these metal maniacs have fused elements from both

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