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          The AURON group began the career in 2007, created by the guitarist Roman Lepayev. Then vigorous concert work of the territory of Russia began. The group managed to make a speech at many festivals.

          In September, 2008 the group started working with the new lead singer, there were new compositions for the next era of group! At the moment as a part of group 4 musicians.

          In 2013 the autumn two week European round of «Wanted Deador Alive» which captured such countries as was organized: Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.


          2 videoclips on composition «Spring» and «Preludeinb-moll» were soon shot. The spring 2014 began with 10 day rounds across the territory of Russia – «SpringComestoThisWorld».

          03.06.2014 the single of «MoonlightTrail» on radio stations of Europe and Russia was let out.

          In 2014 record of a debut album was finished and is ready to the edition!

          The debut album was let out in 2015 on an independent Ukrainian label of Metal Scrap Records.

          Dates of issue: Ukraine: 29.01.2015; Russia: 03.02.2015; In the world: 05.02.2015; North and South America: 10.02.2015




14/12/2014 Tambov (RU)

07/12/2014 Samara (RU)

06/12/2014 Ulyanovsk (RU)

08/11/2014 Syzran (RU)

01/11/2014 Cheboksary (RU)

09/08/2014 Togliatti (RU)

31/07/2014 Saratov (RU)

19/07/2014 Syzran (RU)

12/07/2014 Volgograd (RU)

05/07/2014 Voronezh (RU)