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Idle Ruin — debut EP, December 4th 2020

          In Brisbane, Australia, an amazing, new band has appeared on the horizon! Idle Ruin plays aggressive and hard-hitting music that could be best described as death metal

Scream At The Sky — Save Yourself (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

         SCREAM AT THE SKY is the brainchild of Dead Horse Trauma bassist Brian Carter, known for his relentless touring and indie sensibilities.

Escarion — Pillars of the Faith (release on the 29th of January)

          Australia’s death metal newcomers Escarion proudly announce the release details for their debut full-length album Pillars of the Faith. The album is scheduled

Nacarbide — Iron Lotus

         Thailand’s Heavy Metaller Nacarbide have just released the lyric video Undisclosed from their second full-length album. The album, Iron Lotus, was released earlier this year.

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