Riff Action Family (RU)


          Riff Action Family — the devil’s great-grandchildren. This band is the wildest cocktail. Permissiveness and talent. Dementia and courage. Anger and tears.



          These people should not have been allowed into Europe. They should not be given musical instruments and freedom of speech at all. Because they spat on any boundaries, canons and norms. Grunge, Metal, Pop, Stoner, Rap, Blues, etc. All that styles you can taste with R.A.F.




          Hearing Riff Action Family live is your chance to become a different person. Feel free or mentally ill. RAF supported Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Red Fang, Evanescence!
          Countries visited Finland, Poland, Chezh Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary.