Bus trip: Chernihiv — Kyiv on show Hell Serpent Rising Over Kyiv: Act II

We organize a bus trip for those who are willing to attend Natural Spirit, Hell: On, Balfor, Colotyphus, Exact Division, Spit Bile  show in Kyiv.

If you want to have a good time and visit a cool concert in a comfortable bus with friendly metalheads — this is what you are searching for.



February 10, MonteRay Live Stage, Kyiv

The Black Snake is again raising its head from the depths of the original Chaos .. Feel its icy breath ..

The most powerful concert in the beginning of 2018. Only for true admirers of national hard music.


NATURAL SPIRIT, a group that plays pagan-folk metal and originated in the most ancient city of Chernihiv.


HELL: ON, this is one of the best Ukrainian bands of the Ukrainian thrash / death division.


BALFOR is one of the most experienced and solid bands of the Ukrainian black / death metal scene.


COLOTYPHUS — a group from the city of Lion. The music of this team can be characterized as a mixture of melodic atmosphere and powerful daring thought, with an interesting melody and a charming atmosphere.


EXACT DIVISION is one of the oldest Ukrainian metal teams in Ukraine.


SPIT BILE is a relatively young team, created in 2011 under the influence of American and German thrash groups of the 80s.


Beginning of the event: 17.00

Tickets: pre-sale 170 UAH — fan zone; 250 UAH — VIP


Tickets:  https://www.concert.ua/ru/eventpage/hell-serpent-rising-over-kyiv

Book trip: metallurg.office@gmail.com

More info: +38 093 744 61 03