Slaves of Kali — Uncharted Trails

Slaves of Kali is a Modern Metal/Metalcore band from Berlin. Following the aim to “just play really good metal” and not being confined by any boundaries the band is combining influences of classical Metal with modern Metal genres.

LITHIK — Weather The Storm

Embracing the relentless passing of time and our own insignificance, LITHIK casts out their debut album WEATHER THE STORM. Across 6 tracks and 28 minutes,

End of Days — A World Reborn

Australia/USA based Metal band End of Days is set to drop their debut EP A World Reborn on October 1st independently, packed with groove and raw sound. All songs reflect how the world is today.

Empyreal Sorrow — Harm(ony) Within EP

Empyreal Sorrow is Melodic Death Metal with well-known trademarks heeling to a new emotional side.

Coming Soon