Midnite Hellion and Anvil — American tour

After their massive US tour in 2022, Midnite Hellion and Anvil team up for a second US tour together in 2023.

Metallurg Compilation «Metal is Forged Here» vol. II, Release date: 2023-02-13

Country: Poland/Ukraine Release: «Metal is Forged Here» vol. II Release date: 2023-02-13 Format: CD digipack, Digital Label: Metallurg Music Genre: Metal

Rudra — Eight Mahavidyas

A MAJESTIC VEDIC METAL CONCEPTUAL EPIC! RUDRA, the name of the Indian deity of Destruction, conjures the scene of death and destruction. Just like the deity, RUDRA, the band, was named to symbolise its music’s aggressive character.

Cellar Cat — Living Dead (feat. Eissa Morphide)

After a successful release of their first EP «Broken Glass» last year, Cellar Cat, an alternative rock and metal band from Latvia, took some time to rethink their sound and explore different musical paths.

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