Curse of Eibon — «Dagon» (NEW digital single release)

          Death metal band Curse of Eibon has released digital single the «Dagon».


Band: Curse of Eibon

Country: Sweden

Release: Dagon

Format: Digital single release

Release date: 17/07/2020

Label: IND

Genre: Melodic death/Occult metal



          Curse of Eibon was founded in 2020 by members of the bands Cynical Existence,Reek and Stone Brigade. Combining raw and aggressive metal with symphonic elements and lyrics inspired by the occult, mainly H.P Lovecraft.


          Dagon is the second single from Curse of Eibon, the band hailing from the north aka Sweden.



          The second single showcases the real sound of Curse of Eibon and also a more diverse sound than the previous song “Seek to destroy.

          This track is for all those who love heavy and angry music with atmospheric and melodic parts as well.


Band members:

Fredrik – Vocals,lyrics and programing

Martin – Guitars

Mathias – Bas

Anders – Drums