Eternal Drak

Country:  Canada
Genre: Groove Thrash Black Metal
Founded:  1997


In 1997 the Martínez brothers, Drakar and Warhammer, aged 17 and 15 began the foundations of “Eternal Drak”. 

At the beginning of the 21st century “Eternal Drak” won the “City TV” award for the best Metal video, with the song Eternal Drak.

In 2002, «Eternal Drak» publishes its first album (EP) «La Resurreccion De La Orden Guerrera» 



In 2005, they recorded their second album, but its official release was in 2018, an album mastered in a studio in Québec, Canada and published by “Living Metal”, a Colombian label. 

In 2007, “Eternal Drak” disbanded. 

In the year 2020, Drakar, Warmessiah and Reijav came together to create the album “The Past is Gone, A New One is Coming”. In memory of his brother and friend, co-founder and eternal drummer of “Eternal Drak”, Eduardo Martínez, Warhammer.

That same year the Line-up of the band is re-organized with the entry of Juan Francisco Avella on drums.  




In 2021 the third Long Play of the band is released, DRAK METAL, an album with 12 unreleased songs and 1 Cover. 

In 2022 the 4th Long Play is released, SHADOW STORM with includes the Video Clip Hid Your Madness. The video was recorded in the Oreleans Island in Quebec Canada.

Today “Eternal Drak” is more alive than ever and is determined to honor its name to continue distorting its strings, hitting its drums, strumming its voice, with more Metal, melody, and harmony than ever.


Members of the band:
Andres Drakar — Guitar/Voice
Juan Francisco Avella — Drummer
Jhon Mamerthslaught — 2nd voice
Eduardo Warhammer — Honored member