Freak Show

Country: USA
Genre: Nu Metal, rock metal
Founded: 2018


Heavy Band with an attitude to be the best they can be the live show is where it’s at for this band…crowd-pleasing grooves, and heavy tones.



San Diego based band ..hard-working, and into a very heavy style 7 string guitars and heavy bass-driven music reminiscent of the early to mid-’90s



«Nu-Metal» Movement… Low tuning and heavy growling tones is FREAKSHOW’s moniker..we’ve always been «different» Mike Felder is also the guitarist/vocalist for Ash The Sky a Melodic Death thrash outfit from NEWCASTLE ,England check 2013s «THIS IS REALITY» ALBUM YOU CAN FIND AS A TOPIC ON YOUTUBE signed by m&o records .. FREAKSHOW are currently playing shows in the US…


Members of the band:
Michael J Felder — guitar
Todd Sauer — Bass
Jacie King — vocals
Phil Hitchcock — Drum
Richard Kulman — guitar