Horse Of Troja


Country: Sweden
Genre: Rock
Founded: 2020


In any case, Horse Of Troja has a rather nice style and the first thought goes to RAINBOW during the 80s when the not entirely too pronounced guitar arrangements have some Blackmore over them while the keyboard fills in very nicely.  The tough uptempo punk that has given the record its name is a real smoker of the «Spotlight Kid» class, but the band also has heavier veins that can be heard in, among other things, the PHENOMENA-scented «No Mercy» and the opening track «Leaving




We are a band called Horse Of Troja and we are from Hudiksvall, Stockholm — Sweden .We have been playing for a while but now people seems to find there way to listen to our 80s Hard Rock Music and we hade some fortune that we have got some air play around the world ,and we got some good review from Sweden Rock a Metal magazine in Sweden saying that Night Ride sounded like Rainbows  Spotlight Kid. That song was 18 week at top 5 List in Detroit and 13 weeks at nr 1 as the most requested song during the week. Plans for the future is to release a 6 track EP as soon as possible.



And in the best of worlds get out there and play gigs


Members of the band:
Hakan Rudberg — Vocal
Johan Isacsson — Guitar
Arek Furdal — Guitar
Pertti Tikkanen — Drums
Riccardo Riva — Bass
Future Consideration — Keyboard