Iron Wings

Country: Latvia
Genre: Heavy / Thrash Metal
Founded: 2016


Iron Wings – heavy/thrash metal band from a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe – Latvia. We come from a beautiful country where we are forging metal and bringing a glimpse to your ears of what weas a band are doing the best – making music. In the music making process we are mixing to get her heavy and thrash metal creating our own unique sound. Fo rus it ishard to put our selves in one music genre and the hardest thingis to answer the question – “what kind of band are you similar to?”



We have been raising hell on this planet since 2016. We have been on tour, played multiple shows in Baltic States, and in 2017 released EP “Tumšie miglāji” (“Dark Nebulae”). In 2020 we released the album «Dzejnieks» («ThePoet») and in 2022 — new album «RitualOf Rage» \m/.




Oh, and don`t forget, you can find us at Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reverbnation. Also you can listen to us on Bandcamp and at your favourite music streaming service \m/.

Members of the band:
Andris Veinbergs — vocals, bass
Dainis Andersons — guitar
Dainis Paškēvičs — drums