The Lethargy was officially born on December 1st, 2007.

          To their joy the first rehearsal was quite successful. The walls of rehearsal base were cloaked in appreciation, harmony and friendly atmosphere. Last three factors allowed musicians to bind the bonds between them forming the whole – the Lethargy.New rehearsals were held regularly. Our souls were full of new material. We didn’t have time to work out one theme and the new one appeared, impatiently waiting it time.In 2 months vocalist and founder of band Vitaly Yavnov decided to make a choice between singing and guitar. Singing and playing guitar at the same time were creating discomfort and limitation. The desire to sing was stronger than the desire to play so the search for the second guitarist has begun.

          Having few candidates the band chose the guitarist Nikolay Shekel’(ex-MIZANTROPIA, МЕЖА РЕАЛЬНОСТІ). Nikolay was noticed by vocalist during the rehearsal of his former band МЕЖА РЕАЛЬНОСТІ and received the invitation from him to Lethargy. Fortunately the negotiations with purposeful and quite ambitious guitarist weren’t long. We want to mention the evenness and the purity of his performance and his confidence and dedication to the band. And now Nikolay is still a part of the band.…By the twist of fate our keyboardist Kristina Orlova left the band. She ignored and rejected all the talks about staying in band and saving the original membership. Soon the search for the new keyboardist has begun. Before the meeting with Kristina Vitaly Yavnov offered this place to Alesia Shyrobokova and this time she agreed. Hearing keyboard arrangement (wrote by Alesia!) for already finished compositions made us admit her as original and knowing musician. We heard our songs in new light! Most of background’s parts were replaced with new beautiful and steady passages. And how strong they were!In the next 2 months we made out our old program and composed several new songs. With current members we played concert in city of Rovno with Swedish band DRACONIAN, participated in annual Moscow.

          SHADOW DOOM FESTIVAL with ЯНТАРНЫЕ СЛЕЗЫ, the MORNINGSIDE and other Russian monsters of doom.Then the sad and funny event has occurred: after Moscow concert we fired Alesia Shyrobokova. And again we began the search for the new keyboardist: some didn’t want to play with us, another ones weren’t ready for very busy schedule that included guest concerts and sacrifice of the free time and comfort for the music. Our big helper was the keyboardist of local band MIZANTROPIA Eva whom we thanks even today because she saved a lot of the Lethargy performances.In despair we returned Alesia back to the band but this time she also left us soon. Our busy schedule and dedication to band’s interests more than to private life and comfort made her leave for the second time (although we can say she was fired again).So we began a new tiring search that was following with the same problems. And here was the turning point: our good friend Elena Sheckel (Nikolay Sheckel’s sister), who were working hard, made progress. At first the worries and lack of experience prevent her from becoming a part of a band (she was studying keyboards from the very beginning), but in some time she confidently took the place of the keyboardist saving the band from despondency and depression…

          But this was not the end of misadventures with keyboardists. In one and a half year Lena decided to leave the band too. And now we are the all-male band with Evgeniy Kugaevskiy as a keyboardist.Our music was influenced by a lot of bands such as ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE, IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILITY, BLACK SABBATH, PINK FLOYD, INSOMNIUM, CHILDREN OF BODOM, AMON AMARTH, MOONSPELL, etc. Lyrics are full of pain and joy, frustration and smiles, loneliness and happiness, hate and love. But all the themes call to a fight for the existence of a dream, for the search for the truth and the love, for being person, not stereotype. The world has sunk in dirt and hypocrisy. Capitalistic values and material ideology rule the people and those, who denied them, from the young years are enslaved with false ideas of beautiful life, but the Lethargy appeared in this world to praise the spiritual values as the only true!






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Tour dates :


24/03/2013 Minsk “Rocker Bar” (BY)

23/03/2013 St. Petersburg “Stocker” (RU)

22/03/2013 Veliky Novgorod “Club 39” (RU)

21/03/2013 Moscow “Rock House” (RU)

20/03/2013 Voronezh “Tarantul” (RU)

19/03/2013 Kharkov “Churchill’s” (UA)

18/03/2013 Sumy “Underground” (UA)

17/03/2013 Kiev “Praim” (UA)



02/12/2012 Kiev “Bingo” (UA)

01/12/2012 Chernigov “Etual” (UA)

26/10/2012 Zhitomir “Inforum” (UA)

07/07/2012 Gluhov Open-air (UA)

07/04/2012 Cherkasy “Rybka” (UA)

11/03/2012  Lvov cinema “Kiev” (UA)

10/03/2012 Ivano-Frankovsk “Barselona” (UA)

09/03/2012 Rogatyn “Kolosok” (UA)


03/12/2011 Dniprodzerzhynsk “Torba” (UA)

02/12/2011 Zaporizhia “Rock-club” (UA)

30/11/2011 Odessa “Copyright” (UA)

29/11/2011 Kiev “Praim” (UA)

28/11/2011 Chernivtsi “pub Public” (UA)

26/11/2011 Kolomyia “Katrin” (UA)

29/10/2011 Kirovohrad “Olimpia” (UA)

08/10/2011 Cherkasy “pub BierLoga” (UA)

07/10/2011 Kryvyi Rih рок-club “MADISAN” (UA)

06/10/2011 Dnipropetrovsk “Concert – hall Papa Protiff” (UA)

25/09/2011 Kiev “Praim” (UA)

10/09/2011 Dniprodzerzhynsk «Festival VOLNITCA Open-air» (UA)

03/09/2011 Zaporizhia “Rock-club” (UA)

23/07/2011 Kherson “BarBoss” (UA)

10/07/2011 Sumy “Underground” (UA)

19/06/2011 Khmelnytskyi “Art – pub” (UA)

08/05/2011 Luhansk “R-club” (UA)

17/04/2011 Kiev “Praim” (UA)

03/04/2011 Simferopol “Vitamin” (UA)

02/04/2011 Sevastopol “Curved seashore” (UA)

27/03/2011 Odessa “Copyright” (UA)

26/03/2011 Mykolaiv “Bayk-rock-and-roll club Wind of Freedom” (UA)


11/11/2010 Odessa “Copyright” (UA)

10/11/2010 Chernihiv “Falvarek” (UA)

09/11/2010 Kiev club “Lenin” (UA)

08/11/2010 Sumy “Underground” (UA)

07/11/2010 Kharkiv “Zara” (UA)

06/11/2010 Dnipropetrovsk club “Bomba” (UA)


22/03/2009 Sumy club “Underground” (UA)