Lethargy UA — «Our Life Belongs to Us»

Lethargy UA released new LP «Our life belongs to us»

LETHARGY Kyiv, Ukraine
musical style: atmospheric death metal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LethargyUA



During this difficult time, we were not sure that we would complete the recording of the album, which had begun before the start of the war. Sometimes it seems that we are no longer in control of our creativity, but it is us. And this is nothing but a real miracle.

The theme of the songs did not become far-fetched and touched on 3 storylines: war, family and God.

1. Eternal solitude (feat. Vlad Shahin)
2. Hard to breath
3. Eden
4. I will never forget you (feat. Alexander Pliusnin)
5. Delusions (feat. Konstantin Naumenko)
6. The Sea of trees
7. John Galt
8. Victory
9. I know how to live (feat. Aaron Stainthorpe)


Streaming link: https://bfan.link/lethargy-our-life-belongs-to-us