Mental Torment

Country: Ukraine
Genre: Death Doom Metal
Founded: 2009

1. 2009 Mental Torment played their first gig in Kyiv music club “Prime.
Also, the Вand took part in Doom Over Kyiv 4 festival in 2011 with such giants as Saturnus and Autumnia. During that era, Mental Torment was a mostly funeral-oriented band, as this was the initial idea from early years.
2. After the recording was ended — Mental Torment was signed with Solitude Prod label and Album was released on 21/01/2013.



3. In March 2013, with the support Metallurg Music, the band prepared to tour for supporting Album release through Ukraine, Belarus, and Russian cities along with Letargia band.
4. Unfortunately, due to internal disagreement, Mental Torment took a small pause after that.
One last show with “On The Verge” members was done in 2015 within a Charity Gig organized by Mykhailo to support Military Medics.
And then Mental Torment went to the bottom till 2020…




5. April 2021, within one month all lyrics were written for each song, along with whole album art.
At the beginning of 2021, Mykhailo was endorsed by Avaks Custom Guitars(a Ukrainian hi-end guitars company) and did whole guitar tracking using his Avaks SE7EN Custom guitar. Later, in May of 2021 whole new Album recording was done. Most of the recording and mixing was performed in Mykhailo’s home studio by himself. During the recording session, Andrii visited Ukraine and tracked whole bass parts just in a couple of days.
6. And in June of 2021 Mental Torment via Metallurg Music announced the 2nd Album «ego:genesis» which will be released on 29.09.2021 on all digital platforms. The album will include 7 tracks and covers the catharsis that a person goes through in a moment of despair and hopelessness, searching for answers to eternal questions, resisting the inevitable and final acceptance of their fate. The album will bring a fresh view of the traditional Doom Metal genre. From acoustic ballads and funeral vibes to sludgy and modern progressive music.


Members of the band:
Anatolii Doroshenko — Guitars
Andrii Avramets — Bass
Artur Myrvoda — Drums
Mykhailo Chuha — Guitars
Roman Sagajdachnyj — Vocals
Yaroslav Mosiievsky — Keyboards



                                              2013 — «On The Verge»                                                                                 2021 —  «ego:genesis»