Metallurg Compilation «Metal is Forged Here» vol. II, Release date: 2023-02-13

Country: Poland/Ukraine
Release: «Metal is Forged Here» vol. II
Release date: 2023-02-13
Format: CD digipack, Digital
Label: Metallurg Music
Genre: Metal


Metallurg Music the Polish/Ukraine Record Label and Agency is turning 14th years old, to celebrate this milestone the Agency decided to release and Compilation CD “Metal Is Forged Here” vol. II on February 13th digital via their Bandcamp page and YouTube channel. And also, there will be a physical version available with T-Shirt or Poster which can be order here:



The compilation will pack with amazing bands from all over the world:

  1. Hell:oN (Ukraine — Death Metal)
  2. Vice (United Kingdom — Thrash Metal)
  3. Eldprov (Sweden — Melodic Death Metal)
  4. Silent Obsession (Algeria — Technical Brutal Death Metal)
  5. Iron Wings (Latvia — Heavy / Thrash Metal)
  6. Bad As (Italy — Hard Rock / Power)
  7. Mental Torment (Ukraine — Death Doom Metal)
  8. Midnite Hellion (USA — Heavy Metal)
  9. Relentless Aggression (Norway — Old school Thrash Metal)
  10. Reap the Light (USA — Hard Rock & Heavy Metal)
  11. Hate Beyond (Japan — Thrash Metal)
  12. Fleshgore (Ukraine — Death Metal)
  13. Eternal Drak (Canada — Groove Thrash Black Metal)
  14. Enbor Arnasa (Spain — Thrash / Death)
  15. Outward (Czech Republic — Blackened Post Metal)
  16. Threnody (USA — Old School Death Metal)
  17. Thy Despair (Ukraine — Dark Metal)