«Black Abyss» tour 

Spring «Black Abyss» tour  Aeternus Prophet Ukrainian Black/Death Metal band. 

TERMINAL PROSPECT on the Black Sea Metal Festival

TERMINAL PROSPECT (Stockholm, Sweden — Thrash)  will play on the stage of the festival «Black Sea Metal Festival 2018».

Hell: on on the festival «Taras Bulba»

Over a decade of active activities, hundreds of concerts and dozens of festivals, a powerful set and 5 full-length albums that are thoroughly permeated with Thrash and Death metal.

Metal United World Wide, 5 May 2018

         On May 5 this year, the Metal Community will come together for a united event, Metal United World Wide. To overcome the distances between the widespread individual communities, shows will be organized in around 50 cities around the world on the same date under the united […]

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