RIFF ACTION FAMILY — LP «Chameleon», 8-th of December

          RIFF ACTION FAMILY will drop 4-th album Chameleon on December 8th via 7torock music!


          The band tried to release each single from this album every month 2020. Due to unforeseen circumstances (laziness, alcoholism, coronavirus, other diseases and 420) interfered with the process all the time!


          So 11 songs will appear on every streaming service on DECEMBER 8, 2020!





          There are a lot of disappointments and hardships around the planet in 2020: job loss, gig & tour cancellations, venues shutdown, interference in Czechoslovakian elections, wild cops in Belarus, amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, fabulous bonuses for founders of oil and gas companies against the background of a general drop in income, the lost elections of Ronald Regan, intolerance, intolerance of smack etc.





          RIFF ACTION FAMILY believe, that all this shit has happened because of the REPTYLOYDS🦎🐊 and DARK FORCES!

          All they can do now is to drop the new album this December.

          CHAMELEON LP will remain in world CHRONICLE for the future generations, who will be recovering the new world after the Great War with NIBIRU





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