Rusted Brain — Deceiver [NEW SONG]

Music video for the title track of the second Rusted Brain’s album called «Deceiver» is out now!


Rusted Brain


Rusted Brain is a Warsaw Thrash Metal band founded in August of 2009. In a short time, the band had recorded material and began touring in small clubs. The next year, Rusted Brain recorded their first EP entitled «Juggler». In May 2011 the band won a Rykozisko rock contest, and in November, they played three shows in the Pozerkill4Ever Tour with Hirax and Assassin. In March 2012 Rusted Brain played at Wacken Metal Battle taking 3rd place. Rusted Brain was playing MetalFest 2012 with Megadeth, Kreator, Death Angel, Blind Guardian and much more.