Slaves of Dissonance — Toxoplasmosis (EP)

Australia’s Metal band Slaves of Dissonance release their new EP Toxoplasmosis independently on August 12th. If you are a fan of Lamb of god, Gojira, At the Gates, Death, Tool, etc check it out!


From: Brisbane, Australia
Style: Groove / Modern / Metal
For fans of: Lamb of god, Gojira, At the Gates, Death, Tool

Slaves of Dissonance are a 4 piece metal band based in Brisbane QLD. Our sound has groovy/technical guitar riffs, high-energy beats with shattering blasts and powerful grooves, and ear-piercing vocals. All members have stand-alone tastes with some ranging from thrash/groove or prog to more extreme tastes like black metal/death metal. The contrast in music tastes between members is what makes Slaves of Dissonance have a unique metal sound.




Some of the band members work in social/psychological science fields which makes the lyrical content range from mental health disorders, government conspiracies, brainwashing media organizations, and misleading and exploitative faith groups.

A debut single released on the 15th of July is called «Involuntary Lobotomy». Involuntary lobotomy details people misleading and exploiting others, based on their faith, for ulterior motives.





Our debut EP is released on the 12th of August which is titled «Toxoplasmosis» which features our debut song Involuntary Lobotomy and 4 other crushing tracks.