Sullen Guest

Country: Lithuania 
Genre: Death Doom Metal
Founded: 2013

Sullen Guest is a Lithuanian Death/Doom metal band formed in 2013. The meaning behind Sullen Guest represents unexpected experiences and emotions we are inevitably forced to face in our lives: pain, death, loneliness, fear, betrayal… Each one of us have been visited by these sullen visitors.



Started as a female-fronted band with the EP «Will You Greet the Sullen Guest as an Old Friend?»(2015) followed by a major change of line-up and a search for a distinctive sound, in 2018 recorded and released the second album, “IIIIXXI” in which teachings of the old school can be heard.
In the damned year of 2020 Sullen Guest released a music video “Samsara” representing another transformation of the band towards emotional salvation.




Named “Chapter III” the most recent album will be published in early 2021 in which the fragility of life, the pain of the soul, the shocks of life, and death were the main influence for its creation.
SG has played in more than twenty live shows across Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia.


Members of the band:
Tenebra — I — guitar
Doloribus — XI — drums
Inanitas — XII — vocals, guitar
Mortem — XIV – bass