Tempest Rising

Country: Australia
Genre:  Alternative metal
Founded: 2012


Perth’s TEMPEST RISING have established themselves as one of Australia’s most unique and individual Alternative Metal Acts, blending hard hitting groove laden riffs, soaring choruses and fast past thrash with a unique vocal style.

Touring Australia multiple times as well as international tours in Japan with Marduk, Kataklysm and Hipocrisy along with a headling tour of eastern and mainland Europe.



TEMPEST RISING have shared the stage with a plethora of international acts such as Arch Enemy, Sepultura. Drowning Pool, Sevendust, Apocalytpica and many more. The love of music and fans can be seen in any of their energetic live shows and meet and greets,of which they encourage the punters to do after any show, Always sharing a laugh and drink with their dedicated fans.




The band have just released the last of 3 singles called “Kingdom” which take the band to a more refined and heavier sound, without losing the trademark sounds that people have become to know and love.

Keep an eye and ear out for the upcoming releases and shows from this Australian powerhouse


Members of the band:
Vin Trikeriotis — Vocals
James Ward-Armstrong — Rythmn guitar
Daniel James — Lead Guitar (has left since)
Jarrad Cracknell — Basse Guitar
Bill Mann — Drums


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tempestrisingofficial
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/TempestRising
Bandcamp: https://tempestrising1.bandcamp.com/