Country: USA
Genre: Old School Death Metal
Founded: 1989


Threnody is an Old School Death Metal Band with a Modern Flair

In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, Bill (Guitarist) decided to try to recruit the original members to once again light the torch and re-do the songs circa 1990. Sean (Guitarist) and Dave (Bassist) were able, Todd (Vocals) and Rich (Drums) were not.



They had their own kingdoms to govern. Under a friendly flag, Harry Tadayon in the UK and David Lanas from Ecuador were enlisted to do the vocals and drums respectively. With the world on lockdown and virtual life now normal life, Threnody galvanized 8 songs from 30 plus years prior, not re-written but re-visioned, in their first full length LP, Rid of Flesh. Let it rip.




Currently working on next album.


Members of the band:
Bill — Guitars
Sean — vocals / Guitars
Dave — Bass
Looking — Drums