Total Metal Domination Tour pt. 3

Stormy Atmosphere (ISR) Progressive Art Metal



          Our music is a blend of Rock, Metal, Classical music, Electronics and more.
Some call it Progressive, we call it Progressive Art.
          The music we play takes our very thoughts and feelings, and spreads them around the globe, directly into the souls of our listeners.




Sunlight (GR) Melodic Heavy Metal / Power / Hard Rock`



          Sunlight is a Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Power band from Athens, Greece. In their early times Sunlight introduced themselves as a purely hard rock band.

          After some short period of successive line-up changes, the band shifted to a more heavy metal style, often incorporating elements of typical power metal. At present, the line-up consists of Dimitris Giannakopoulos (vocals), Makis Kaponis (guitars and backing vocals), Panos Anastopoulos (keyboards), Dimitris Kapoukakis (drums) and Panos Mourtzinos (bass guitar and backing vocals). 




Tour dates:

30/09/2015  Kiev (UA)
01/10/2015  Kharkov (UA)
02/10/2015  Odessa (UA)
03/10/2015  Kirovograd (UA)
04/10/2015  Krivoy rog (UA)