Airstrike — Power in Your Hand (Release date: 18/11/2022)

Polish Heavy/Thrash Metalheads “Airstrike” are proud to announce the release new LP «Power in Your Hand».

Amorphia — Lethal Dose, release date: 30 September 2022

Hail THRASH METAL fans!  As India’s AMORPHIA completes its 10 years of Thrashing Madness, they have created their most-menacing third full-length album, «LETHAL DOSE».

Horse Of Troja — Live Love and Die (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Band: Horse Of Troja Country: Sweden Release: Live Love and Die  Release date: 29/09/2022 Genre: Rock

UNZANE new video «Boogeyman»

Puerto Rican’s Classic Heavy Metal Heads “UNZANE” are proud to announced the release of their new video «Boogeyman» 

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