Horse Of Troja — Live Love and Die (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Band: Horse Of Troja
Country: Sweden
Release: Live Love and Die 
Release date: 29/09/2022
Genre: Rock


The lyrics are about when you take someone or something for granted. When you realize that the things you had wasn’t gonna stay the same it might be too late. You have been blind and life goes on around you. You need to live love but in the end we will all die.



In any case, Horse Of Troja has a rather nice style and the first thought goes to RAINBOW during the 80s when the not entirely too pronounced guitar arrangements have some Blackmore over them while the keyboard fills in very nicely.  The tough uptempo punk that has given the record its name is a real smoker of the «Spotlight Kid» class, but the band also has heavier veins that can be heard in, among other things, the PHENOMENA-scented «No Mercy» and the opening track «Leaving