Cultist — Manic Despair

Based in Calgary, Canada, CULTIST formed in the summer of 2015, and their first demo came out in 2016, but the band went into hibernation as members left the band.

Mayhemic — The Darkest Age (Compilation)

Based in Santiago, Chile, MAYHEMIC was founded in 2018 and is dedicated to creating blackened and aggressive thrash metal. Highly influenced by old glories like KREATOR, SODOM, MORBID SAINT, TORMENTOR, etc.

Stealth — 25th Anniversar

Stealth celebrated 25th anniversary and released an album collection of best audio recordings for a total of twelve songs, each of them taken from a different audio release throughout the past twenty-five years.

Putricid — Suppuration (Release: 24 June 2022)

Canadian death metal band PUTRICID was formed in 1989 and was originally called PUTREFACTED CADAVER.

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