Sullen Guest — EP “Phase”, release date 2022-02-22

Sullen Guest — Death/Doom ambassadors from Lithuania are going to release their conceptual album “Phase” about psychological stages of grief.


Band: Sullen Guest
Country: Lithuania
Release: EP «Phase»
Release Date: 2022-02-22
Format: digital, CD
No label – self release
Genre: Death/Doom Metal




The meaning behind «Sullen Guest» name represents experiences and emotions we are inevitably forced to face in our lives: pain, death, loneliness, fear, betrayal… Each one of us has been visited by these sullen visitors.

The group members themselves chose symbolic «guest» names in Latin that reflect these emotions: Tenebra, Inanitas, Mortem, Doloribus.


Sullen Guest — Phase tracklist:

  1. Come With Me (6:54)
  2. Voice Of The Subconscious (9.26)
  3. Assent (6:50)
  4. Come With Me [Instrumental] (6:54)
  5. Voice Of The Subconscious [Instrumental] (9.26)
  6. Assent [Instrumental] (6:50)


There is no light in your window anymore — you have been visited by Sullen Guest.


Reviews: interview 3,5/5 7/10 7/10