HELL:ON — Spreading Chaos ( New song)

Thrash / Death metal band Hell: on has released the «Spreading Chaos» track, which will be the forerunner of the upcoming split EP «A Glimpse Beyond» with Pripjat (DE) by The Crawling

New video from SAÜC

Saüc, from Catalonia, presented last work in the shape of video: “Paraules del mestre”.    

A Glimpse Beyond tour

          Hell:on is a Ukrainian thrash/death metal announced several more shows this fall, fellas! Supporting our split release «A glimpse beyond» together with thrash maniacs Pripjat by The Crawling Chaos

Fallen Outcast Prezentacja EP

04.05.2019 Fallen Outcast Prezentacja EP  «Shadows ov the past»  Jambar (Szczecin)            

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