Metallurg Compilation — «Metal is Forged Here» vol. II


01. Hell:on — My Testament

Those lyrics are taken from an English-language translation of a poem named “Заповіт” (Zapovit), which translates to “Testament”. The poem was first published in 1845 and written by Taras Shevchenko, a Ukrainian poet, writer, artist, and political figure, as well as folklorist and ethnographer.
According to this article, “His literary heritage is regarded to be the foundation of modern Ukrainian literature and, to a large extent, the modern Ukrainian language.”
Hell:On‘s musical interpretation of the poem in their song “My Testament” is tremendously powerful and moving, and it changes form as it goes, summoning sensations of resistance, violence, and astonishing majesty.

02. Vice — Vultures

Vultures is the first song from the 2022 album ‘For the Fallen’ from UK metallers ‘Vice’ to be released as a music video!
The lyrical theme centres on individuals who prey on the vulnerable; those who may have lost someone close to them or recently experienced the end of a relationship! Then, said people attempt to claw their way in and pounce to take advantage of the situation for personal gain.
Musically the song is based on a powerful riff which then settles into the verse with contrasting vocal characteristics!
A strong melodic hook with soaring harmonies follows in the chorus, then a powerful breakdown section, classy guitar solo and some very tasteful drum fills complete this majestic track!

03. Eldprov — Until Nightfall

Until Nightfall was originally written back in -97 by the guitarist Jonas Backe. It was performed live once in Stokholm around the time of -97. Time passed and the song ended up on the shelf due to various reasons.
Pass forward to 2019, Jonas contacted Ante Zoergel regarding a new musical project. Until Nightfall was brushed off, got re-written and with new lyrics it came to life once again. It was released as a single in 2020 and then again re-recorded for the album Rift.

04. Silent Obsession — Against the Process

From the depths of Algeria’s Extreme Metal Music community comes Silent Obsession and the release of their latest brutal single, “Against the Process” ft. Redouane Aouameur (vocalist of Lelahell), available on November 27th worldwide, on all streaming and digital media platforms including Spotify, AppleMusic and YouTube.
Watch & enjoy the lyric video for #Silent Obsession — “Against the Process”.

05. Iron Wings — Virus

The song Virus was written at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. A time when different opinions and propaganda aimed to divide society and create chaos. The song stands for people’s freedom and as a ritual calls for the fight against human oppression and manipulation and symbolizes it, because as people we will be more united, the stronger we will be. Musically, the song is made using classic heavy and thrash metal elements with a melodically stormy guitar solo at the end of the song. As a symbol, connoisseurs will also hear a legendary musical quote from the history of rock music in the middle of the song, where the lyrics are like ritual mantras. Reborn like a phoenix.

06. Bad As — Crucified Society

The song it’s talking about how everything around us is like a worldwide conspiracy, and even they try to make us believe that the good turned to bad and vise versa… That they try to corrupt people in order to control them more easily, use them and guide them like puppets with no opinion.

07. Mental Torment — Untitled

According to the concept of the album, the lyrical hero goes through several stages on the way to accepting inevitability.  In this track, he experiences anger, turning into bargaining.
On the one hand, he already understands that the outcome is inevitable, the die is now cast.
Madness is slowly absorbing him. On the other, the hero still clings to the hope of mitigating his fate.
The remnants of an unclouded mind trying to bargain with destiny for another chance.
The text was inspired by the author’s inner feelings, caused by difficult life circumstances.
For a complete picture, we recommend listening the whole album and go through all these stages together.

08. Midnite Hellion — Army Of The Dead

Born of war, slain in battle, they rise to triumph and conquer again.  Inspired lyrically by the White Walkers from Game Of Thrones, “Army Of The Dead” is Midnite Hellion’s most adventurous song to date.  The three musical movements during this nearly eight minute opus captivates the listener and leaves them wanting to continuously repeat the song again and again.  Heavy Metal hasn’t sounded this grand in decades, which is credited to producer Alex Perialas (S.O.D/Anthrax, OverKill, Testament).  Available now on the full-length album, “Kingdom Immortal,” from Power Chord Productions.

09. Relentless Aggression — America Carnage

After releasing critically acclaimed debut album «A Shadow of All Things Broken» in 2021, Relentless Aggression released «American Carnage» as the first single from the upcoming album. The song is a fast thrasher with lyrics about the chaos in the US the last years, leading up to the storming of the Capitol. Once again the band used the studio of IverSandøy (drummer for Enslaved), and he also play drums on «American Carnage».

10. Reap the Light — Deliver Hell

American Groove/Heavy Metal band Reap the Light’s «Deliver Hell» is a song about meeting evil at its level and kicking its ass. It’s about not being meek and humble when it comes to defending those you love and the things you believe in.

11. Hate Beyond — Decomposed

The roaring gale of rage and brutality! Original French vocalist Moreno returns to the fold, making an explosive entrance, like a wrecking ball of molten metal…highly volatile and hurling at flash point, it collides with insane guitar work that has reached the temperature of auto ignition. The result is nothing short of INFERNAL.
The rhythms are blasting with machine gun precision, and the pummeling of a fighter’s fist. This is the music of fire that only takes, the fire that frightens.
Samurai guitarist Warzy once again shows he is above the rest, as he boldly leads HATE BEYOND into new frontiers and directions on the band’s 5th new album. His playing is audacious and intrepid, as he finds a way to forge riffs, speed and melody into a lethal brand of thrash music — one that is rooted in the genre’s inception, relies on experience, but continues to evolve. Make no mistake,Warzy is the spearhead of this weapon of the future. It’s name is HATE BEYOND.

12. Fleshgore — Stop the Prossessor

«Stop the Possessor» was wrote right after first russian invasion to Ukraine in 2014. Song was released in 2016 on FLESHGORE «Denial of the Scriptures» album. Idea of lyrics was spread information to the masses about russian invasion and stop the war in Ukraine!

13. Eternal Drak — The Eyeless Gleeth

One of the great elders, God of the moon, blind and deaf. The Eyeless Gleeth, is the biggest hit of the our 4th Lp «Shadow Storm» released in July 2022. Groove thrash black metal with a catchy beat and an attractive music line that invites you to shake your head during the whole song. The lyrics are a reality check for its composer who is a visually impaired person. A blind composer writes lyrics for a blind God.

14. Enbor Arnasa — Minez Negar

A song about crying in pain but with a great hopeful force. Great for a live concert. Lyrics sung in the Basque language. Death metal guitars and voice. Opening song of the second album of ENBOR ARNASA.

15. Outward — Rays of the Sun

Rays of the Sun represent something beautiful and powerful, basically the happiness you want to reach in life, but the lyrics introduce intrusive elements like bad people or forces who want to take it from you. The song was originally called Race to the Sun, but ended up being renamed to honor our favorite Czech band of the same name as the song title.

16. Threnody — Maggot Feast

Maggot Feast, possibly Threnody’s meanest song. Structured different than the majority of their other tunes with a longer than usual beginning and a nasty quick finish. Some fans have said this is their favorite jam with it bad ass stomp beat and grind flourishes. This coupled with lyrics inspired by Gary J Shirley’s novel ‘Terminal Park’ makes it a brutal song to share with family and friends.

17. Thy Despair — Falcon

Falcon is a song from the album The Song of Desolation, released in 2020 by Thy Despair band. The song is one of three songs on the album that deal with the war in Ukraine started by Russia in 2014. Falcon tells the story of the struggle of Ukrainians for freedom, starting from the 16th century. This brave bird is embodied in the coat of arms of Ukraine: a blue shield with a golden trident. The trident is a schematic representation of a falcon attacking its prey from the sky.




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